Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Burn, Blow, or Bore


Behold the pure glory of the Honda C90. Indestructible, bullet proof, thief-friendly [i.e. they're not interested in them], reliable, glorious and soon to be fashionable.

The Plan

To ride this baby from London through a 'Circle of Europe'. Denmark - Germany - Holland - Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Italy - Adriatic Coastline of Slovenia - Croatia - Albania - Adriatic Coastline of Italy - France - England. All in a random/follow my nose fashion.

I'll be armed with my £400 Blue Honda C90, a copy of the Haynes Honda C90 manual, and a Tom Tom Rider - which is pretty much a satellite navigation system that communicates via Bluetooth into an ear piece inside a helmet. It guides you to where you want to go and also points out things along the way - like gas-stations, hospitals, camping grounds and money machines. Rocking invention! I'll also be toting up the amount of petrol I use vs the mileage [the Honda C90 is renowned for doing in excess of 200mi to the gallon] because it will make me feel good to know I'll be spending next-to-nothing to cover most of the highlights of Europe. I'll be looking for coastlines, villages, mountains, local cuisine, weirdness, grooviness, swimming opportunities, and Aldi/Lidl outlets the whole way.

To date I've mangaged to wire up the TomTom [worth more than the bike itself] to the 12 volt battery. It's a pro-job. The cable goes from the battery, through the frame, up through the head-set and out where the right-front indicator cable emerges. I was impressed. Next, I need to check the brake-pads, change the oil, maybe try to rig up an extra petrol tank system - although this might be unnecessary - because, while on its first long distance trial to Broadstairs [90mi], it used just half a tank of gas. My God yes, what a fantastic thing. It flew along - without a word of protest - eating up the A2 like the true blue road-slut she is.

Road Tax for a year = £15. Insured for for a year £80. European breakdown cover for a year £45 - Six call-outs.

I've had three Vespa Scooters and they *ALL* sucked. Breakdown city Milan. Never, ever buy a Vespa - you'll just end up pushing the fucker to the repair shop.

Anyway ... so then I remembered my Grey Honda C90 I had while at university in New Zealand [paid $100 for it from Richard 'Stick' Lennox - who then went and lost his newly found riches that night]. I gave it nothing but shit. Jumped it over makeshift ramps and speed-humps. Stacked it into a fence at full-pelt and never once checked the oil. It just kept coming back for more and with a single kick on the kick-start, it had it. Hence my choice of vehicle for this trip.

So yeah - I've handed in my notice at work and I'm either gonna burn through Europe in style, blow the bitch up, or get really bored and bail out.

On this blog, I'll include all the good and bad shit that happens along the way. Things to do. Things not to do. Highlights. Lowlights. Victories. Failures.

I'm not too sure how long it will take - maybe the bike will blow up before I get to the end. If so, i'll either buy another bike [God forbid I'm in Italy and am forced to buy a Vespa] or whatever.

I don't have any restrictions or limitations - just the summer to burn and things to see and do.

Watch this space.

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Clan Lennox said...

yo dude i remember you limping home after stacking the honda into the gate at ruakura...laughed till i died!!!!